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Packages that use LearnableImpl
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.attentioncodelets Contains classes related to Attention Codelets. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework.shared.activation Contains classes which define activation attributes and operations related to these activations. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework.tasks Contains classes related to the framework's tasks (small demon-like processes) and their management. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace.triggers Contains classes related to the triggering of the competition for the global conscious broadcast. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.pam.tasks Contains classes implementing several low-level processes of the default PerceptualAssociativeMemory. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.proceduralmemory Contains classes related to the definition of the Procedural Memory module and its default implementation. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.sensorymemory Contains classes related to the definition of the Sensory Memory module. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace Contains classes related to the definition of the Workspace module and its default implementation. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace.structurebuildingcodelets Contains classes related to the definition, default implementation, and management of Structure-Building codelets. 

Uses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.attentioncodelets

Subclasses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.attentioncodelets
 class AttentionCodeletImpl
          Abstract implementation of AttentionCodelet that checks the CSM for desired content.
 class BasicAttentionCodelet
          Deprecated. This may be removed in the future. Its functionality is subsumed by NeighborhoodAttentionCodelet.
 class DefaultAttentionCodelet
          Default AttentionCodelet which seeks to create a Coalition from the most activate content above a threshold.
 class NeighborhoodAttentionCodelet
          An AttentionCodelet that seeks to create Coalitions from its sought content.

Uses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework.shared.activation

Constructors in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework.shared.activation with parameters of type LearnableImpl
LearnableImpl(LearnableImpl l)
          Deprecated. This functionality is subsumed by ElementFactory.

Uses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework.tasks

Subclasses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework.tasks
 class CodeletImpl
          Abstract implementation of Codelet.
 class FrameworkTaskImpl
          This class implements the FrameworkTask Interface.

Uses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace.triggers

Subclasses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace.triggers
 class TriggerTask
          TriggerTask is executed when certain number of ticks has passed.

Uses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.pam.tasks

Subclasses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.pam.tasks
 class AddLinkToPerceptTask
          A task to add a PamLink and its sink to the percept.
 class AddNodeStructureToPerceptTask
          A task which adds a NodeStructure to the percept.
 class AddNodeToPerceptTask
          A task which adds a PamNode to the percept.
 class BasicDetectionAlgorithm
          This class implements the FeatureDetector interface and provides default methods.
 class ExcitationTask
          A task which performs the excitation of a single PamNode.
 class MultipleDetectionAlgorithm
          This class implements the FeatureDetector interface and provides default methods.
 class PropagationTask
          A task which propagates an amount of activation along a PamLink to its sink.

Uses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.proceduralmemory

Subclasses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.proceduralmemory
 class SchemeImpl
          Default implementation of Scheme.

Uses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.sensorymemory

Subclasses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.sensorymemory
 class SensoryMemoryBackgroundTask
          Task which operates a Sensory Memory.

Uses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace

Subclasses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace
 class CueBackgroundTask
          Task which operates workspace.
 class UpdateCsmBackgroundTask
          A background task in the Workspace which transfers percepts from the Perceptual buffer to the Current Situational Model

Uses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace.structurebuildingcodelets

Subclasses of LearnableImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace.structurebuildingcodelets
 class BasicStructureBuildingCodelet
          Default implementation of StructureBuildingCodelet.
 class StructureBuildingCodeletImpl
          Basic implementation of StructureBuildingCodelet