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Packages that use StrategyImpl
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework.strategies Contains the various strategies (implementors of the strategy design pattern) used in the framework to implement excitation, decay, etc. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.pam Contains classes related to the definition of the Perceptual Associative Memory module and its default implementation. 

Uses of StrategyImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework.strategies

Subclasses of StrategyImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework.strategies
 class DefaultTotalActivationStrategy
          Default method to calculate total activation.
 class LinearDecayStrategy
          Basic DecayStrategy governed by a linear curve.
 class LinearExciteStrategy
          Basic ExciteStrategy governed by a linear curve.
 class NoDecayStrategy
          A DecayStrategy that never modifies the activation passed to it.
 class NoExciteStrategy
          An ExciteStrategy that never modifies the activation passed to it.
 class SigmoidDecayStrategy
          Default implementation of sigmoid decay.
 class SigmoidExciteStrategy
          Default implementation of sigmoid excite.

Uses of StrategyImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.pam

Subclasses of StrategyImpl in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.pam
 class UpscalePropagationStrategy
          Calculates a new activation using an upscale parameter.