Uses of Interface

Packages that use GlobalWorkspace
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.attentioncodelets Contains classes related to Attention Codelets. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace Contains classes related to the GlobalWorkspace, the module responsible for selecting the most important part of an Agent's current understanding, at the particular moment, for broadcast to all BroadcastListeners. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace.triggers Contains classes related to the triggering of the competition for the global conscious broadcast. 

Uses of GlobalWorkspace in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.attentioncodelets

Fields in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.attentioncodelets declared as GlobalWorkspace
protected  GlobalWorkspace AttentionCodeletImpl.globalWorkspace
          where Coalitions will be added

Uses of GlobalWorkspace in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace

Classes in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace that implement GlobalWorkspace
 class GlobalWorkspaceImpl
          The default implementation of GlobalWorkspace which maintains the collection of Coalition objects.

Uses of GlobalWorkspace in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace.triggers

Fields in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace.triggers declared as GlobalWorkspace
protected  GlobalWorkspace
          Reference to the GlobalWorkspace

Methods in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace.triggers with parameters of type GlobalWorkspace
 void NoBroadcastOccurringTrigger.init(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.Object> parameters, GlobalWorkspace gw)
          This method expects an Integer with name "delay" standing for trigger delay.
 void AggregateCoalitionActivationTrigger.init(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.Object> parameters, GlobalWorkspace gw)
          This method expects a parameter with name "threshold" of type double representing the coalition activation threshold at which the trigger will fire.
 void BroadcastTrigger.init(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.Object> params, GlobalWorkspace gw)
          Provides a generic way to setup a BroadcastTrigger.