A LIDA tutorial will be given at AGI-11. Find out more here.

Workshop on Consciousness, Brain Rhythms, and the Perception-Action Cycle will be heod on May 3-4, 2008 at the FedEx Institute. The workshop is open to the public and will include talks by five prominent neuroscientists and Dr. Franklin.

FedEx Institute of Technology and University of Memphis in cooperation with AAAI will host the first conference on Artificial General Intelligence AGI-08 on March 1-3, 2008.

Dr.Franklin will deliver a plenary address at IJCNN 2007 - International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, August 12-17, Orlando, FL.

Dr.Franklin will be on the program committe of KES-AMSTA 2007  - 1st International Symposium on Agents and Multi-agent Systems – Technologies and Applications Wroclaw, Poland, 17 & 18 May 2007.

MASeB'2006 -(Multi-)Agent Systems in E-Business: Concepts, Technologies and Applications , Hong Kong December 18-22  

Dr.Franklin delivered a plenary address at AMIA 2006 – Biomedical and Health Informatics, Washington DC, November 11-15.

ABC 2006 - Agent-Based Computing: Workshop III , Wisla, Poland, November 6-10. 

CogRIC'06 - Cognitive Robotics, Intelligence and Control, Windsor, England, UK August 6-18  

The Ninth World Conference On Integrated Design & Process Technology, June 25-30, 2006, San Diego, California  

Dr.Franklin delivered a keynote address at the AGIRI Workshop 2006 - Transitioning from Narrow AI to Artificial General Intelligence, Bethesda, MD, May 20-21, 2006. Click hereTo veiw the keynote address

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