Learning the Meaning of the Vervet Alarm Calls Using a Cognitive And Computational Model.
Nisrine Ait Khayi-Enyinda, August 2013.
(View: Abstract, PDF)

When to Pay Attention?: Asynchrony Requires a Trigger.
Siminder Kaur, August 2011.
(View: Abstract, PDF)

Domain Independent Perception in the LIDA Cognitive Software Agent.
R. Scott Brown, December, 2006.
(View: Abstract, PDF)

Creating A "Conscious" Agent.
Myles Bogner, May, 1998.
(View: Abstract, PDF)


Bayesian Mechanisms in Spatial Cognition: Towards Real-world Capable Computational Cognitive Models of Spatial Memory.
Tamas Madl, Feburary 2016.
(View: Abstract, PDF)

Fundamental Motivation and Perception for a Systems-Level Cognitive Architecture.
Ryan McCall, August 2014.
(View: Abstract, PDF)

Integer Sparse Distributed Memory and Modular Composite Representation.
Javier Snaider, August 2012.
(View: Abstract, PDF)

Decision Making System for Cognitive Machines: Integrated Mechanisms for Action Selection, Expectation, Automatization and Non-Routine Problem Solving.
Aregahegn Negatu, 2006.
(View: Abstract, Purchase)

Constraint Satisfaction as a Support for Decision Making in Software Agent.
Arpad Gyula Kelemen, August 2002.
(View: Abstract, PDF)

Neural Schemas: Toward a Comprehensive Mechanism of Mind.
Thomas Lee McCauley, May, 2002.
(View: Abstract, PDF)

Realizing "Consciousness" In Software Agents.
Myles Bogner, December, 1999.
(View: Abstract, PDF)

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