D'Mello S., Ramamurthy U., and Franklin S. (2005). Encoding and Retrieval Efficiency of Episodic Data in a Modified Sparse Distributed MemorySystem. Proceedings   of the 27th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive ScienceSociety (in press). Stresa , Italy
This paper presents detailed simulation results on a modified Sparse Distributed Memory (SDM) system. We have modified Kanerva’s original SDM system into an architecture with a ternary memory space. This enables the memory to be used as a Transient Episodic Memory (TEM) in cognitive software agents. TEM is a memory with high specificity and low retention, used for events having features of a particular time and place. Our earlier work focused on perfunctory, proof of concept assessments on the modified SDM system. This paper presents a detailed experimental evaluation of the modified SDM system with regard to its ability to store and retrieve episodic information.