Franklin , S. 2001. Automating Human Information Agents. In Practical Applications of Intelligent Agents, ed. Z. Chen, and L. C. Jain. Berlin : Springer-Verlag.
Human information agents include insurance agents, travel agents, voter registrars, mail-order service clerks, telephone information operators, employment agents, AAA route planners, customer service agents, bank loan officers, and many, many others. Such human agents must typically possess a common set of skills. These would often include most of the following:
  • Communicating with clients in their natural language;
  • Reading from and writing to databases of various sorts (insurance rates, airline schedules, voter roles, company catalogs, etc.);
  • Knowing, understanding and adhering to company or agency policies;
  • Planning and decision making (coverage to suggest, routes and carriers to offer, loan to authorize, etc);
  • Negotiating with clients about the issues involved;
  • Generating a tangible product (insurance policy, airline tickets, customer order, etc.).