LIDA Tutorial at AGI-11


Hello! We are very excited to be presenting a LIDA tutorial at AGI-11. It is scheduled for the first day of the conference, Wed. Aug. 3rd, and will start promptly at 9am finishing by 1pm. We will first give a short introduction to the LIDA model of cognition, followed by an overview of the new LIDA software framework. Then, for the majority of the time, we will provide several hands-on exercises where participants can work with simple running software agents based on the framework. In two example domains these exercises will demonstrate how the framework allows agents to be developed, customized, and reconfigured with ease. The exercises also reinforce the ideas of the LIDA model, and connect them to the implementation.

We want to emphasize that these exercises do not require special programming expertise. Participants must bring a laptop with the following software pre-installed: a PDF viewer, the current Java JDK and the NetBeans IDE (see installation instructions below). A mouse is also highly recommended to complete the exercises in a timely manner. We will provide the rest of the necessary materials. We ask that interested individuals please register below so that we can contact you with any further information.

Finally, let us suggest several LIDA resources which would be useful to read in advance of the tutorial:

     The AGI-11 conference paper on the LIDA software framework
     A new LIDA tutorial (PDF) connecting the theoretical model with the framework
     A web tutorial on the LIDA cognitive model

Thank you, and hope to see you at the conference,

Ryan McCall & Javier Snaider
Cognitive Computing Research Group
The University of Memphis

Installation Instructions

We ask that everyone's computer be ready in advance with the following software installed:

Java Development Kit (JDK) 6.0, available here:

NetBeans 7.0 IDE (Java SE Download Bundle) available here:

System Requirements: We do not have exact system requirements but they will be greater than the Netbeans system requirements. We estimate that running the exercises will demand an additional 300MB of RAM beyond what Netbeans requries.

In the tutorial exercise materials we will provide there will be a new version of the LIDA framework, Version 1.1 Beta. So you don't need to download Version 1.0 Beta that is currently available on our framework page.


Registration has closed. Thank you for your interest.

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