Uses of Interface

Packages that use ModuleListener
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.actionselection Contains classes related to Action Selection, a subsystem which selects Behaviors for execution. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.attentioncodelets Contains classes related to Attention Codelets. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.episodicmemory Contains classes related to the definition of the Episodic Memory module and its default implementation. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework Contains classes which define the main structures of framework Agents. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework.gui.panels Contains classes related to GuiPanels which can be added to the framework's GUI to display particular information. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace Contains classes related to the GlobalWorkspace, the module responsible for selecting the most important part of an Agent's current understanding, at the particular moment, for broadcast to all BroadcastListeners. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.pam Contains classes related to the definition of the Perceptual Associative Memory module and its default implementation. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.proceduralmemory Contains classes related to the definition of the Procedural Memory module and its default implementation. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.sensorymemory Contains classes related to the definition of the Sensory Memory module. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.sensorymotormemory Contains classes related to the definition of the Sensory Motor Memory module. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace Contains classes related to the definition of the Workspace module and its default implementation. 
edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace.workspacebuffers Contains classes related to the definition of of Workspace buffers and their default implementations. 

Uses of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.actionselection

Subinterfaces of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.actionselection
 interface ActionSelectionListener
          A listeners of the ActionSelection Module

Classes in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.actionselection that implement ModuleListener
 class BasicActionSelection
          Rudimentary action selection that selects the behavior with the highest activation.

Methods in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.actionselection with parameters of type ModuleListener
 void BasicActionSelection.addListener(ModuleListener listener)

Uses of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.actionselection.behaviornetwork

Classes in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.actionselection.behaviornetwork that implement ModuleListener
 class BehaviorNetwork
          A Behavior Network implementation of ActionSelection based on the ideas of Maes' original.

Methods in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.actionselection.behaviornetwork with parameters of type ModuleListener
 void BehaviorNetwork.addListener(ModuleListener l)

Uses of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.attentioncodelets

Classes in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.attentioncodelets that implement ModuleListener
 class AttentionCodeletModule
          FrameworkModule which creates and manages all AttentionCodelet.

Uses of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.episodicmemory

Subinterfaces of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.episodicmemory
 interface CueListener
          Listens to cues from the Workspace.
 interface LocalAssociationListener
          Listen to response from Episodic memory to a previous cue.

Classes in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.episodicmemory that implement ModuleListener
 class EpisodicMemoryImpl
          This is the canonical implementation of EpisodicMemory.

Methods in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.episodicmemory with parameters of type ModuleListener
 void EpisodicMemoryImpl.addListener(ModuleListener listener)

Uses of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework

Methods in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework with parameters of type ModuleListener
 void FrameworkModuleImpl.addListener(ModuleListener listener)
          Override this method to add a listener to the module
 void FrameworkModule.addListener(ModuleListener listener)
          Generic way to add various kinds of listeners.

Uses of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework.gui.panels

Classes in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.framework.gui.panels that implement ModuleListener
 class ActionSelectionPanel
          A GuiPanel which displays the current Behavior elements in the ActionSelection module.
 class GlobalWorkspaceTablePanel
          This is a Panel which shows all current coalitions in Global Workspace and also the most recent broadcast.

Uses of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace

Subinterfaces of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace
 interface BroadcastListener
          Modules that receive the conscious broadcast must implement this interface.

Methods in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.globalworkspace with parameters of type ModuleListener
 void GlobalWorkspaceImpl.addListener(ModuleListener listener)

Uses of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.pam

Subinterfaces of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.pam
 interface PamListener
          A PamListener receives percepts from PerceptualAssociativeMemory asynchronously.

Classes in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.pam that implement ModuleListener
 class PerceptualAssociativeMemoryImpl
          Default implementation of PerceptualAssociativeMemory.

Methods in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.pam with parameters of type ModuleListener
 void PerceptualAssociativeMemoryImpl.addListener(ModuleListener l)

Uses of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.proceduralmemory

Subinterfaces of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.proceduralmemory
 interface ProceduralMemoryListener
          A procedural memory listener receives instantiated schemes which are behaviors

Classes in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.proceduralmemory that implement ModuleListener
 class ProceduralMemoryImpl
          Default implementation of ProceduralMemory.

Methods in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.proceduralmemory with parameters of type ModuleListener
 void ProceduralMemoryImpl.addListener(ModuleListener l)

Uses of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.sensorymemory

Subinterfaces of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.sensorymemory
 interface SensoryMemoryListener
          This interface should be implemented for receiving and using information coming from a SensoryMemory module.

Methods in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.sensorymemory with parameters of type ModuleListener
 void SensoryMemoryImpl.addListener(ModuleListener l)

Uses of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.sensorymotormemory

Subinterfaces of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.sensorymotormemory
 interface SensoryMotorMemoryListener
          Listener of SensoryMotorMemory

Classes in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.sensorymotormemory that implement ModuleListener
 class BasicSensoryMotorMemory
          Default implementation of a Map-based SensoryMotorMemory

Methods in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.sensorymotormemory with parameters of type ModuleListener
 void BasicSensoryMotorMemory.addListener(ModuleListener listener)

Uses of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace

Subinterfaces of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace
 interface WorkspaceListener
          A workspace listener receives content from the workspace.

Classes in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace that implement ModuleListener
 class WorkspaceImpl
          The Workspace contains the Perceptual and Episodic Buffers as well as the Broadcast Queue and Current Situational Model.

Methods in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace with parameters of type ModuleListener
 void WorkspaceImpl.addListener(ModuleListener listener)

Uses of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace.workspacebuffers

Subinterfaces of ModuleListener in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace.workspacebuffers
 interface BroadcastQueue
          A WorkspaceBuffer storing the recent contents of consciousness.

Classes in edu.memphis.ccrg.lida.workspace.workspacebuffers that implement ModuleListener
 class BroadcastQueueImpl
          The BroadcastQueue is the data structure storing the recent contents of consciousness.