SUMPY: A Fuzzy Software Agent

by Hongjun Song, Stan Franklin, and Aregahegn Negatu

Proceedings of the ISCA Conference on Intelligent Systems, Reno Nevada, June 1996.


SUMPY is a software agent "living" in and helping to maintain a UNIX file system for better disk space utilization by compressing and backing up. Built using subsumption architecture, SUMPY displays a "plug and play" property. A new UNIX maintenance task can be added to SUMPY's repertoire without modification of existing layers. One of SUMPY's layers sports a fuzzy control mechanism enabling it to achieve its goals in a real-world manner. Another restricts SUMPY's activity to times of slow CPU use. An experiment in agent architecture and in the use of agents for such maintenance tasks, SUMPY promises to prove useful, and has added no significant problems to the test systems.

An html version of the paper is online. A gziped postscript version is available via anonymous ftp. Song and Negatu can be reached by email.

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