Decision Making System for Cognitive Machines: Integrated Mechanisms for Action Selection, Expectation, Automatization and Non-Routine Problem Solving
       There are ongoing efforts to build machines that behave with human-type intelligence in their sense-decide-act routines. Decision making in machines, integrated into the continuous interaction with its environment, is regarded as a process of choosing (from multiple alternatives) the controlling behavior. This book discusses a cognitively inspired decision making mechanisms (action selection, automatization, non-routine problem solving) that selects the next action with different levels of awareness: automatized skills, consciously mediated routine decisions, and consciously deliberated non-routine decisions; as well as the role of expectation/anticipation in facilitating intelligent behavior. The major challenge in any system is in building the whole out of the parts. This book contributes towards a general intelligence system, which integrates the decision making and other cognitive modules including perception, memory, attention, and "consciousness." This integrative approach should be especially useful for researchers and professionals in AI, Robotics, Cognitive Science, and neuroscience fields, or anyone else who may be interested in general intelligence architectures.