Neural Correlates of the LIDA Model

Compiled by Stan Franklin and Bernard J. Baars

The document below, containing a table, comprises an ongoing effort towards creating a concordance between the modules and processes of the LIDA model and their possible neural correlates.

Table Column Description

The first column of the table lists the LIDA model module or process (function) thatís involved with the cognitive process(es) listed in the second column.

The third column lists possible neural correlates of the cognitive process in question, meaning that there is evidence of the stated neural assemblies being involved with that process. (Clearly, neural assemblies other than those listed by also be involved.)

The fourth column contains citations of references to studies providing such evidence. The full list of such references appears below the table.

Table Entry Color Coding

Black: New rows are typically added in this color.
Green or Teal: Rows having been discussed and agreed upon by Baars and Franklin.
Red: Rows for which there remains some issue to be resolved.

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Last updated on Jan. 16, 2008.

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