Workshop Announcement

"Consciousness, Brain Rhythms, and the Action-Perception Cycle"

A Workshop at the University of Memphis

Date: May 3-4, 2008

Co-sponsored by
- The Mind Science Foundation
- Computer Science Dept., The University of Memphis
- Institute for Intelligent Systems
- FedEx Institute of Technology
- The University of Memphis

Organized by
- Dr. Stan Franklin, The University of Memphis
- Dr. Bernard J. Baars, The Neurosciences Institute

About the Workshop:
A wave of scientific findings is now emerging on brain rhythms and their cognitive functions including consciousness, perception, episodic storage and retrieval, working memory, action planning and attention. This small, intensive workshop presents five leading researchers in the field, discussing their work with a small audience. In addition, Prof. Stan Franklin and Bernard Baars will present developments in Global Workspace Theory and the LIDA model of cognition as a cognitive framework for brain rhythms. Students, scientists and the public are welcome to attend.

We believe this will be an exciting and timely conference, with plenty of chances for productive interaction with some of the top scientists in the field. Our last Workshop on Consciousness and Memory, in 2002, gave everyone an opportunity to explore frontier developments on those topics. Brain rhythms now appear to provide a new avenue for understanding these fundamental questions.







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