Interface Initializer

All Known Implementing Classes:
BasicEpisodicMemoryInitializer, BasicPamInitializer, BasicProceduralMemoryInitializer, BasicSensoryMotorMemoryInitializer, GlobalWorkspaceInitalizer, GlobalWorkspaceInitializer

public interface Initializer

An initializer configures a FullyInitializable.

Ryan J. McCall

Method Summary
 void initModule(FullyInitializable obj, Agent a, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,?> params)
          Receives a particular FullyInitializable to configure.

Method Detail


void initModule(FullyInitializable obj,
                Agent a,
                java.util.Map<java.lang.String,?> params)
Receives a particular FullyInitializable to configure. The Agent object and a map of parameters can be used in the specific initialization code. Named 'initModule' historically, however an initializer need not initialize a FrameworkModule, for example a FrameworkTask is also valid.

obj - the FullyInitializable object being initialized
a - the Agent object
params - parameters to configure the FullyInitializable